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Welcome to D.O.P.E. Lunch, the lunchtime dental podcast for the short commute dentist, with Shawn and Zach.

Order up! Conch ceviche from Turks and Caicos and soggy Red Lobster popcorn shrimp.

Recipe for conch ceviche 

We take a short dental detour this week and talk about a fun and sometimes expensive pasttime we both enjoy: poker.

We hope the dental talk hiatus doesn’t drive you too insane.

This week’s Mad Dentist Minute: a Gmail hack to delay your sends, snooze your inbox, and create email draft templates. Streak is a free Gmail add-on that directly integrates with Gmail and provides a ton of valuable functionality.

Until next week… STAY DOPE!

DOPE Lunch is the lunchtime dental podcast for the short commute dentist. Join Shawn and Zach each week, serving up piping hot podcast episodes every Tuesday morning.

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