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Welcome to D.O.P.E. Lunch, the lunchtime dental podcast for the short commute dentist, with Shawn and Zach.

First things first, whip out your calendar and circle today. It’s the first time D.O.P.E. Lunch has a solo host. Monumental!

We didn’t want to 86 the episodes this week so Zach serves up a solo episode today. Didn’t want to get stale.

What does your composite arsenal look like (and is your emphasis on the first or second syllable?)? Are you stocking 3 different formulations or is yours a one-size-fits-all inventory?

Zach also delivers a great vlog to check out on power eating.

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As always, stay hungry D.O.P.E. Lunch listeners!

Until next week… STAY DOPE!

DOPE Lunch is the lunchtime dental podcast for the short commute dentist. Join Shawn and Zach each week, serving up piping hot podcast episodes every Tuesday morning.

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