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Welcome to D.O.P.E. Lunch, the lunchtime dental podcast for the short commute dentist, with Shawn and Zach.

It looks like Zach’s fabulous lunch streak has finally come to an end. He’s slumming it today with one of the most overrated all-American lunches: soggy nachos.

We’re jumping into the fight between research results and manufacturer sales pitches with the longevity of a relatively newer material Celtra Duo from Dentsply Sirona.

This week’s Mad Dentist Minute: Systematize your front office, assisting manuals, and marketing strategy with Buckeye Dental Production’s Dental Survival Guides. Definitely not the nachos of the dental systems world.

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Until next week… STAY DOPE!

DOPE Lunch is the lunchtime dental podcast for the short commute dentist. Join Shawn and Zach each week, serving up piping hot podcast episodes every Tuesday morning.

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